On the deck

Using the propane

Both the gas grill and the fire pit have the propane fed from a large tank which is controlled via the timer to the left of the gas grill.  To use turn the knob to the desired length of time.  Gas will now flow to both devices.  It is important that before turning the knob you verify that each deice has the gas turned off.

Gas Grill

On the deck you will find a Weber Genesis II E-410 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill. To use the grill:

  • Check that all of the gas valves are in the off position.
  • Check that the fire pit valve is in the off position.
  • Lift open the grill top.
  • Start the flow of gas to the grill by turning the timer to the desired length of time.
  • Turn on one of the burner knobs and quickly press the igniter button on the left until the burn lights
  • Repeat for the remaining burners
  • If grill does not light turn off the burner knobs and allow gas to clear. Wait 30 seconds and repeat.

When finished please clean the grill of any food left behind using the grill brush.

Grilling tools can found with a meat thermometer in the second draw on the bar across from the refrigerator.

Fire Table

To use the Fire Table:

  • Remove the fabric cover and the glass cover over the rocks.
  • Verify that the gas knob is in the off position and verify that the grill knobs are also in the off position.
  • Turn the gas timer to the desired length of time.
  • Make sure the rocks are free of debris. 
  • The Fire Table is equipped with an auto spark ignition. Push the knob in and slowly turn clockwise.  You will hear the gas begin to flow.  Keep turning until you hear the ignitor click.  The ignitor will spark and ignite the gas.  Should the appliance fail to ignite on the first try, promptly repeat the ignition attempt within 5 seconds. If a third attempt fails to ignite the Fire Table then rotate the knob to the “off” position and wait 5 minutes before attempting to ignite again.  
  • If it is windy there is a glass wind screen for the table located in the cabinet to the left of the fireplace in the house. Please return to the cabinet when finished and glass has cooled. The glass wind screen gets very hot during table operation. Please proceed with caution.
  • If the timer turns off the flow of gas while you are enjoying the table please turn off the gas to the table and start the ignition process above again.  Always turn off the gas valve if the timer turns off so it is not in the on position for the next use (safety precaution).

To turn off the table: 

  • After turning off the valve the flame may take a few seconds to go out completely until all of the gas has left the burner tubes. Remove the glass cover from under the table and place over the fire pit. DON’T NOT put the cloth cover over the table while the table is hot. Please wait until the table is cold before replace the cover. 

Fire Table Precautions

  • Do not leave the table unattended
  • Please supervise children and dogs closely while the table is hot
  • Do not try to reach into the fire pit while hot for any reason
  • Do not attempt to cook over the fire pit (I know it's tempting but it will make a mess).