House Rules

  • No smoking on the property
  • Do not attempt to use the indoor gas fireplace unless you have spoke with us first
  • No loud parties
  • No parking in the street overnight
  • Do not park in the pine straw.  All four wheels should be on the pavement.
  • Do not try to dry unwashed beach towels


Trash and recycling day is Monday.  Our Management company will come by Sunday to take the barrels to the street.  If for some reason they don't show up (UGH!) Please take out the trash after 5:00 Sunday night or before 9:00 Monday morning.  Barrels must be returned before 5:00 on Monday.


Check-in Time 4:00 (We will let you know if earlier check in is available)


Check-out Time 10:00 (We will let you know if a later check out time is available)

Used beds should be stripped and placed in the laundry basket in the room along with used towels.  We also ask that you please start a load of laundry (robes) before you leave.  

Beach towels should be washed and returned to the bin the night before check-out.


WIFI - 2997HiddenOak

Password = justforefun (don't forget the "e")

or scan (use your camera on your smartphone) the QR code below to connect immediately while in the house.