Seabrook Island Amenity Card

What is the Amenity card?

Seabrook Island Club Amenity Card required to access Club (golf, tennis, fitness, dining, and facilities).  The card not only gets you access to the facilities but you can attach a credit card to it and use it as such at the facilities.  Check out the video on our home page for a video overview of all of the amenities or click this link to go to the discover seabrook website.

What is the cost of the Amenity card?

As a guest of Just Fore Fun you will receive the Amenity card free of charge (normal fee is $125 per week). You will need to leave a $15 refundable deposit on the card which will be returned after you hand in the card at the end of your stay (there is a drop box just after the security gate on the way out). You can connect a credit card to the card to charge items around the island.

How do I get my Amenity card?

The Amenity card can be obtained at the Amenity office which is located just before the security gate on the right (see map below).  We recommend picking up your amenity card prior to checking into the security gate on your way onto the island.  The office hours can be found here.

Who can get an Amenity card?

We will assign at least one Amenity card to the person that booked the reservation.  That person will be responsible for letting us know if they would like an additional card(s) in someone else's name (this person might attach their own credit card to the card i.e. two families traveling together will want two cards).  You do not need to give advance notice if your immediate family members want a card.  As long as you understand that they can spend/charge on your card.  You can request that when you pick up your card.  

How do I make a reservation for one of the amenities?

We highly recommend making reservations 7 days in advance.  To make a reservation please call the following amenities:

Golf Pro Shop - 843-768-2529

Tennis Racquet Shop - 843-768-7543

Equestrian Riding Center - 843-768-7541

Fitness Center - 843-725-1580 (Due to Covid concerns appointments are needed to use the fitness facilities)

What does it cost for each of the amenities?

Please click here to see the latest hours of operation and costs for all of the island amenities.