It's all about the dog!


There is a $35 per day per dog pet cleaning fee

We love our dogs Mookie, Bird and Buck!

We would love being able to travel with them, however, many hosts don't allow dogs. NOT US! We ask that you pay a modest fee when booking to cover extra cleaning costs. Please message us if you are interested in bringing multiple dogs.  This site only supports a single dog.

We have a couple of requests:

  1. Please clean up after your dog inside and outside. There is a bucket in the garage with all you should need to help with this request (see below).  There is a cordless vacuum in the laundry room (there is also an attachment which works great for getting dog hair off of the couch). Before you leave please pass the vacuum to pick up excessive dog hair (especially the furniture).
  2. Keep your dog on a leash at all times. 
  3. If your dog is like Mookie we know he would love to run on the beach. Please see the following link about when and where you can let him run on the beach without a leash. Beach rules for dogs

As we said above we have amenities for your dog all located in the garage. Please return all of these when you leave:

  • (2) dog bowls and raised holder
  • Blankets for furniture protection (please wash and return to the bucket upon departure)
  • Dog shampoo (hey, after running on the beach we need a bath too!!!). Please use the outdoor shower!
  • Dog Towels (please have these washed and returned before you leave)
  • Dog treats (Milkbone)
  • Dog waste bags (Please make sure you clean up after your dog).  Also, there is a special bucket outside next to the outdoor shower for used waste bags (please don't put the used bags in the trash barrels).  Please make sure you empty this bucket (ok to put this bad in trash barrels) and replace the bag before you leave.

Send us your dog pictures from your stay and we will add them to the slideshow.